Unauthorized Sales Channels Online

Just to touch a little bit on this portion being part of the Rules of Conduct (“Rules“) for us Independent Herbalife Distributors.

Herbalife products may only be sold or distributed by Herbalife Independent Distributors. The terms of the Distributorship agreement with Herbalife expressly disallow the selling of Herbalife products on auction sites, social media sites, public e-commerce platforms and all other similar online sites and/or forums.  Online sales may only be transacted from an Herbalife Independent Distributor’s website.

And the way I understand this, the summary I made below should be correct:
You may have seen people posting Herbalife products for sale online on OLX, Lazada, eBay, Facebook, iStorya.net and a lot more websites.    Selling on these online channels are NOT ALLOWED as per our Rules.    If found and duly traced by Herbalife Corporate Office, those breaching the rules will risk losing their membership and licence to buy and sell Herbalife products.

The only allowed online sales channel other than the official Herbalife portal are those from the personal websites of an Independent Herbalife Distributor.   Therefore,  I actually am allowed to sell Herbalife products here in my website.   😀

I also called Herbalife HQ on this at +63 2 555-2828 on this just to make sure that this is correct.  If in doubt, I duly suggest you call them too to verify my claims here.  You may also refer to the Rules of Conduct found in your International Business Pack materials (IBO) or check it at myHerbalife.com.

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