April 19, 2017

Our Location

I have set up a home club in Canduman, Mandaue City.  Here is my complete address:

Psalm Street
Canduman (Jesus Cortes Compound)
Mandaue City
CEBU, Philippines

Here’s the location Map:

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Your very main marker will be the Tintay Jeepney Terminal.    If you’ve reached this terminal, it should be easy for you to find my location.  My home club is inside Cortes Compound (Jesus Cortest Compound).   In Google Map, it’s along the small road named Psalm Street.  But the people around do not know this street name at all.  So do not ask around about Psalm Street.  Instead, ask where Cortes Compound is, and they will point you to the right direction.

My opening hours:
Monday to Friday / 6:30am to 1pm

I might not be in the heart of Cebu City itself.  But I am not that too far away either.  So if you are looking for Herbalife Mandaue, Herbalife Consolacion, or in other locations like Liloan, Compostela or even Danao, I might be able to help you.  My club is very much accessible.

If you’d like to visit me beyond the above hours, please message me in advance. I may be busy but I might be able to go there to meet you.