2018 Price List of Herbalife Products

I have just received a notification that there’s a new Herbalife price list available.  I’ve checked it online and sad to say, there’s an increase in the pricing.

If you are a registered Herbalife member, you can see it from your Announcement tab.

You can download the updated Herbalife price list directly from that link in your announcement tab.  Or, you can just download it here from our website.   I have appended the customer price to the member price list so that you can see all the prices at one go.  And I have made a version in portrait view and another version in landscape view.  Here’s the link in PDF :

Herbalife Products Price List 2018

(portrait version)

Herbalife Products Price List 2018

(landscape version)

Please note that the prices stated in this 2018 Herbalife price list is in Philippine Peso.

As always, purchase your Herbalife products from Herbalife (headquarters and quick response centers), from your Herbalife Independent Distributors and/or from Herbalife Authorized Partners Pick-up Points ONLY.

UPDATE(June 6, 2020) Pricelist’s direct link has been removed as per MPC’s advisory.  You may click the links above to message me directly if you have some questions about the Herbalife products.  Thank you.

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