2018 Price List of Herbalife Products

I have just received a notification that there’s a new Herbalife price list available.  I’ve checked it online and sad to say, there’s an increase in the pricing.   If you are a registered Herbalife member, you can see it from your Announcement tab.   You can download the updated Herbalife price list directly from Read more about 2018 Price List of Herbalife Products[…]

Updated Price List of Herbalife Products

By now, all Herbalife Independent Distributors and Members may have already known about the price increase.    For us under Herbalife Philippines, the new prices took effect on April 17, 2017.   You can download the new prices from the Herbalife website.  You will have to login in your account to download it.  It is in : My Read more about Updated Price List of Herbalife Products[…]

Unauthorized Sales Channels Online

Just to touch a little bit on this portion being part of the Rules of Conduct (“Rules“) for us Independent Herbalife Distributors. Herbalife products may only be sold or distributed by Herbalife Independent Distributors. The terms of the Distributorship agreement with Herbalife expressly disallow the selling of Herbalife products on auction sites, social media sites, public Read more about Unauthorized Sales Channels Online[…]

Start Your Day the Healthy Way

Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism and provides energy for you to use throughout your day.  That’s why, your mother is correct when you she told you to always eat your breakfast before going to school. Start your day right!   Whip up the Herbalife breakfast combo and you are good to go.  It’s so quick to make.  And Read more about Start Your Day the Healthy Way[…]